I-Lan Museum Association Introduction

Background of Founding

Yilan has its own unique nature environments as well as courteous and lively cultural characteristics. Meanwhile, along with the developments of modern museum concepts moving towards “Eco museum, or Living environment museum), we would also take the whole Yilan as a museum. Categorizing the natural and cultural resources in the county, those of which are with potential to develop partially or fully into a museum from the developments either on research, collection, exhibition or education, are dubbed with the name as “Alternative Museum”. In this way, we make progress on the preservation, maintenance, exhibition education or tourism function for the natural and cultural resources of the whole county.

The “Yilan Museum Association” was established in May 2001, and it is a not-for-profit social group in the private sector. Besides promoting the developments of museum business in the county, it has also put efforts to improve the function of museum in the community creation, strengthening its collaborations with other cultural businesses, in order to preserve as well as maintain local culture and nature assets. Up to date, it has a total of 55 group members including small scale size of museums, which are either already up running or still under preparation, as well as individual members with more than several tens in number that are passionate and supportive of museum works. Its members are from diverse aspects, ranging from nature, culture, geography, ethnicity and industry, bringing together public sector, school, community as well as both of the public and private museums in the local areas, such as local industries and art galleries. At the same time, it is also a visionary team of “Sowing for proliferation, to safeguard our home” as well as an organization to learn and grow with one another among its members.

Since its establishment, the Association has implemented community resource survey and installation, marketing, education, plus Pei-Chi learning plan, and has held community exchanges, learning between the parents and children, teachers’ seminars, school children visiting activities, as well as emulation and seminar forums, assisting the various family museums, and take part in the communities for improving both of their software and hardware structures, devising their development blueprints.

The museum family members of the Association are widespread in the Yilan County, with their comprehensive characteristics to cover nature and ecology, culture and education, art and crafts, sustainability, creativity value add-on industry, as well as agriculture/fishery leisure and experiencing.

§ Nature and Ecology
  • Luodong Forest Cultural Park.
  • Shengou Water Treatment Plant (Division of Taiwan Water Corporation the 8th Branch).
  • Phoenix House-Beetle’s Ecology Education Museum/Environment & Beetle features.
  • Yilan County Natural History Education Museum/Environment & butterfly features.
  • Bihansuan Mikado Pheasant Ecology Museum/Environment & bird features.
  • Dongshanhe Farmhouse/river sightseeing.
  • § Culture and Education
  • Lan Yang Museum.
  • Yilan County Historical Museum.
  • The Mountain Highway Museum / Fourth Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways.
  • Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation / Library.
  • Huey Deng High School-Museum of Taiwan’s Celebrity Handprint and Yilan Topography Fountain, theater, stadium, corridor and bronze sculpture.
  • § Art and Crafts
  • Chen Chung-tsang Museum.
  • Art Villa/Photography&painting.
  • Taiwan Theater Museum.
  • Mary Leu Fine Carving Gallery.
  • Coral Creation, the Cosmos of Buddha Coral Museum.
  • Stone House Nature Sculpture.
  • Lion’s Kingdom Museum.
  • Hefanghung Studio
  • Sun-kong Factory Museum
  • § Sustainability
  • Er Chien Chuang Cultural Centre.
  • Taiwan Tsunah Foundation - Tsunah Memorial Hall.
  • Gueishan Island Fishery Village Cultural Museum
  • Wu-wei Gang Eco-Community & Waterbird Refuge.
  • Wu-wei River Cultural & Education Association.
  • Baimi Clogs Villages.
  • Jenju Village Community Museum / rice straw craftsmanship, and kite.
  • Dongshan Kite Museum / Dongshang Elementary School.
  • Syue Jin Elementary School-Campus Customs Hall / paper handicrafts.
  • § Creativity Value add-on Industry
  • Lucky Art Painting Mall/Painting, DIY, and creative finished product making.
  • Beneficial Microbes Museum & Tourism Factory.
  • Siho Foods / Fish Processing house Acquatic Product Processing and modern tourism factory.
  • Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp.,Yilan Distillery Exhibition Center.
  • Conserve Museum “Orange County”.
  • E. Den Dessert Factory / Auden Kennword Museum.
  • Yi-Lan Cake Invention Hall.
  • Link Restaurant.
  • Sophisca’s Candy & Gift Shop (Yilan House).
  • Hito Bakery Group.
  • Taiwan Footwear Health Knowledge Tourism Factory.
  • § Agriculture / Fishery Leisure and Experiencing
  • Baijia Fish Farm / Sweet Fish cultivation.
  • Shengyang Waterweeds Leisure Farm / Waterweeds & aquatic animals.
  • Pei Kuan Crab Museum.
  • Toucheng Leisure Farm Experiencing School.
  • Wongsuyuan Health Preservation & Education Farm / Mountain& Lake Camping, R&B, and Paintballing.
  • Shangrila Leisure Farm, Tourism Fruit Garden / Michelia compressa var. formosana Plantation.
  • Chian Li Guang Herbal Garden.
  • Sanxing Green Onion Exhibition.
  • PO’s Farm.
  • Fairy Tales Village Farm R&B.
  • Bee Family Museum.
  • Yinong Sheep Museum / Yinong Ranch.
  • Keda Sheep Ranch / Lanyang River Side.
  • Wanshun Leisure Farm.
  • Unit Organization

    “Yilan Museum Association” is composed by the county museums, community organizations as well as people who are passionate and supportive of museum works, and it will hold member general meeting each year. With re-election of Board of Directors & Board of Supervisors every two years, and a Director-General to take charge on the developments of association businesses, set up Secretary Office for coping with projects and routine association works below.

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    I-Lan Museum Association

    TEL: +886-3-9359748
    FAX: +886-3-9951273
    ADD: No.11-1, Ln. 134, Yongchun Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan
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